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Misha Notley

Misha Notley was born in Tokyo, raised in Manchester (UK), and is now residing and working in North London. Since graduating from London College of Communication in 2022 (with a degree in Design for Art Direction), she has worked on various projects with the artist Weirdcore and digital art incubator Daata. Most notably, she has created animated visuals for artists such as Aphex Twin and Charlie Osbourne. In 2023, Misha completed a three-month residency programme at HQI, creating a series of AI porcelain works depicting futuristic embodiments of the female form.

Website and Links: Instagram- @_mishanotley_ , website-

Artist Statement:

Born in Tokyo and raised in Manchester (UK), Misha is currently based in London. Her multi-disciplinary practice deals with existing social, economic, and political systems that dominate our current cultural climate and challenges them using speculative and future-oriented design. Often laced with a tone of absurdity, her work exposes the idiosyncrasies of a world dominated by grueling neoliberal work culture, online hyper-representation, and the commodification of the self.

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