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Renzo Filinich Orozco

Renzo Filinich Orozco, 1978. Media Artist and Researcher, PhD candidate in Interdisciplinary Studies on Thought, Culture and Society, University of Valparaíso. Master in Media Arts, University of Chile. Researcher in Technological and Aesthetic Culture, currently working at the Center for Interface Studies as a researcher at the University of Valparaíso and as an associate researcher of the Research Network for Philosophy and Technology directed by Yuk Hui.



QATIPANA: Individuation Processes on the relationship between art, machines and natural systems The objective of this artistic work is to develop a hybrid architecture that we have called Qatipana (a Quechua word that denotes flow of information processing systems), although it cannot be considered as a systems theory, it has the utility of being able to explain some empirical observations that I present here . In conclusion, the implications and limitations of said model and the research that is being carried out to present its utility and probability as a model of an algorithmic cognitive system are part of the communication and affect issues in the decisions provided by this cybernetic system. In particular, we are interested in observing how Simondon’s Becoming and Individuation play out in an algorithmic cycle performed by the cognitive system of an Artificial Intelligence agent: How does mono-technology and computerization of cultural techniques influence the nature of knowing the affection of being with others (people, things, animals)?. We contrast Simondon’s contributions with the work of Norbert Wiener and Stafford Beer on information in cybernetics, and the cosmotechnics and Technodiversity of chinese philosopher Yuk Hui.

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