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Rory Scott

Rory Scott is a multidisciplinary artist, whose work utilizes animation, extended-reality (AR & VR) along with handcrafted means to create emotive environments & re-imagined life.

Through both digital and handmade means, Scott explores the ideas of impermanence, the passage of time, and the impacts of technology upon the evolution of humanity, as well as the important role that patterns play in shaping our personal and collective lives.

Website and Links: @rks_xo (instagram & TikTok) @rks_ (Twitter)

Artist Statement:

For 13 years, I have made it my practice to explore using time, paired with repetition & consistency, as a collective tool for change. Encouraging myself to continuously consider even the smallest of actions to be of value when repeated consistently over time.

Through observing that life is a collection of patterns emerging over time, it becomes more apparent that change is actually a simple equation. If you believe in and recognize the collective value in the small decisions in fleeting moments, you can change your life. Life itself is simply a complex image of pixelated moments laid out over time, and that the quality and clarity of life lie mostly within the small undervalued and unaccounted-for moments.

I hope this project will serve & inspire anyone who is interested in creating real change within their lives and beyond. With all the challenges we face within our lives and as humanity, it’s easy to feel overwhelmed & virtually powerless to have any real influence or control. But the truth is that anyone can be an agent of change through repeated & deliberate action.

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