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Simin Azarpour

Simin Azarpour: I am a video artist, based in Iran. I started my carrier with photography and in the meantime I arrived at new concept of spaces-in-motion. In image-movement, my major interest lays on the light, sound, speed and color. Along with, I have philosophical studies and specifically, I work on schizo-analysis. Here main focus is on schizo-thought/sensation (shizo-being-in-the-world) through new forms of experience in becoming-molecular of perception.


The cosmic evolution: If schizo is a delusion of union with the cosmos, just as it expresses in narrative-non-narrative the history of existence in the molecular dimension, it also finds in himself the history of cosmic evolution and creation in the universal dimension .The cosmos, this "big, realm-removed molecule" formed by the "Big Bang" with a macro shriek schizophrenic call that schizophrenia rediscovers the traces and remnants of its cosmic rays in his psyche .The schizophrenic auditory illusions are vibrations of the cosmic sounds of this "early darkness" spread throughout the existence; molecules that have turned into the sun and stars; cellular pathways leading to the galaxy and the Milky Way. Schizo finds himself alone in the face of this infinite greatness, what can he do but turn himself into a wandering molecule of this existence and write the memories of a particle floating in the galaxy: memories and dangers; standing at the crossroads of existence, at the intersection of wind, sun and sky; living flows in their most intense state. The experience of the cosmos in becoming and continuing to be, yes, schizo is already a full-fledged Heraclitus, and when we want to stop him, by medication, from his transcendental becoming, or to freeze the flux to bring him back to collective consciousness, we deprive ourselves from the pure knowledge of a the cosmic evolution of schizo, the receiver of cosmic rays that can express existence in a complex delusion. But we do not learn the schizo's language. Talking with molecular coders and the language of creatures, speaking at the level of rays, schizo-language that intersects with the cosmos￾language and the result is traces of the evolution of the universe in an "illusion-machine" that a wisdom accelerator creates. Schizo expresses the speed of thought or bringing in the speed within wisdom; the eye-flow that draws on the surface of existence, the transcendental intellect or the self-bypassing wisdom that, in his "transcendental empiricism", creates the non-narrative of the history of becoming.

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