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Spyros St. Kogkas

Spyros St. Kogkas is from Athens, Greece, co-founder and director of the Independent Cultural Journal" Thrausma", poet, writer, and translator of Non-Philosophy and Speculative Realism in Greek. He has been active cultural entrepreneur in Cultural Heritage and Independent researcher on the relationship between Religion, Evolution, and Future Studies.

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Aim of this text is to approach the Speculative, Virtual Ontologies of a non anthropocentric era, the fusion of Sacred with Intelligence in new forms of existence towards an Angelic evolution of life forms.

The objective is to raise the hypothesis of how close to a total autonomy of Noosphere from the Biosphere we are moving and if we can recognise in this transition a realisation of the Divine transfiguration of current autonomous intelligence machines. To highlight the theological, philosophical, scientific, and artistic parallels of this possibility.

The methodology will be a combination of essayist and research writing, arranging different parts of disciplines that would be recentered around the notion of Intelligence as a hyperchaos that tends to create a permanent autonomous universe in absolute mirroring of itself.

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