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Vitaly Yankovy

Vitaly Yankovy is a visual artist, designer, researcher who finished a Contemporary art course at School of visual communication (Kyiv) in 2014 (curated by Catherina Badianova and Lada Nakonechna). Finished Indie Lab documentary school in Kyiv (2018) and American Art Incubator, organized by Izolyatsia and Zero1 (2020). Participated in many online and offline residencies in Ukraine and internationally.

Works with video essays, animation, 3D, and drawing. Sphere of interest is flexible from subjective data visualisation and urban site-specific studies to research

of video-games, memory places and specifics of functioning of commercial culture. Study object-oriented ontology and weird objects.


In speculative digital landscape, metal objects, created previously by humans, form new structures and contaminate landscape. Metal is something that people take from a landscape as a result of thousand years of geological transformation. Reworking this material, civilisation creates another metal structures, which than again return to a landscape, contaminating it. After Anna Tsin, contamination can also create space for appearance of new species and new mixes. My research is about this metal circulation and how it influences small species like rats.

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