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Panel Presentations

Claire Cical / Quassine


Timilehin Oludare

A Lagos Sound Archive

Tam Hare

Tinnitus Channelled

Joseph Dimos

From Classical to Shoegaze: An Exploration of Movement and Rhythmic Expression in the Geometry of Music

Aaron Juarez

Disrupting Disruption

Simin Azarpour

The Collective Voice at the Common Level

Catriel Nievas

Speculative Music: Sound as a Vibratory Phenomenon

Yifan He

Xiss Me I Bit My Tongue: PASSINGS

Celeste Viv Ly

Art and Sound in Dialogue with Posthuman Becoming and Fictioning

Julio Lugon

Dear Myxomycete

Daria Kozlova and Arwina Afsharnejad

Machine Mourning: Beyond The Void Of Extractive Listening

Divya Singh

Sounds From the Attic

Carl Olsson

Absolute Freedom

Soroush Seyyedi

Strategies in the Cosmotemporal Warfare: The Zurvanite War Machine and the Apocalypse

Henrietta Scholtz

Ancient Waymaker: An Oral Ruttier

Deleuze Recombination

Disintegration and Fragmentation of Narratives

Moises Ramirez

Flaneur-Workers: Cognitive Mechanics and Spatial (Non)Resemblances

Joseph Obel

Selfolution in Bodies and Rivers as a Result of Defiance and Resilience

Goutam Manna

Morphological Freedom; Posthumanist Mirage in Medical Humanities

Shriya Malhotra

Mapping Texts to Navigate a Posthuman Future

Thomas Mical

Posthuman Apparatuses with Alien Durations

Akshat Khare

The Ouroboros and the Mongoose: The Dead Ends of Theory and Theory-Fiction

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