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From Classical to Shoegaze: An Exploration of Movement and Rhythmic Expression in the Geometry of Music

Joseph Dimos

I will attempt to walk through Godfried Toussaint's idea of geometry and rhythm and show the interrelationship of modular forms of emotion and the coloration of music. Music that excites thought (in line with Merleau Ponty) is a process that exposes a coloring of music that is a tapestry of emotion. I intend on showing the change of color while linking with synesthesia to present a modulating geometry that maps visual art to musical composition. Shoegaze music is a central focus that adapts to 'water-like' forms that expose a modulating geometry. This, in turn acts as sieve theory (Xenakis) to interweave a process for cyclic transposition (or intervallic succession) for various types of natural phenomena. I intend to show how dancing that occurs in various examples can expose 'new' compositional processes based on their moduli.

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