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Claire Cical / Quassine

For the symposium, my talk will focus on the place of the sense of touch in a posthuman intelligence perspective.

First I will describe how touch is crucial to the relation of humans with the world, drawing mainly from Merleau-Ponty, Aristotle and Husserl. Then I will emphasize the role of tactile experiences in enriching cognitive processes.

I will use a parallel between Kazimier Dabrowski’s theory of the formation of personality through positive disintegration and Jacques Camatte theories of dissolution, ontosis, speciosis and inversion.

I will dive into the work of Helmut Plessner on the eccentric positionality of humans, showing how human consciousness exists at the border between the body and the world. During my presentation I will use the support of a slide show so I can use graphical analogies to illustrate the concepts and create a dynamic exchange between the words and the visuals. I will use fractals and in particular the Mandelbrot set and holomorphic dynamics to demonstrate how human personality is iteratively formed, but also diagrams developed during the course of the residency.

All along the talk I will link this conceptual framework with my artistic practice, highlighting how philosophy is influencing my artistic work and vice-versa.

I will describe my Kinesthetic Instrument Interface and how it works, and present an extract of videos and sounds produced by it.

Finally I will question the concept of Homo Gemeinwesen as developed by Jacques Camatte and see how it interacts with a posthuman vision of the human intelligence, and how the praxis of Kinesthetic Improvisation and Disintegration can lead to the emergence of said Homo Gemeinwesen.

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