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Divya Singh

Sounds From the Attic

"Angel / Composition no.2-no.3, is an experimental project questioning the origin of sounds within internal hearing/listening. The project is formulated out of questions pertaining to psychic access, memory and consciousness. Upon observing that when one is thinking, one is actually listening - I became curious about the music that I could hear which hadn't yet been composed by a foreign human entity and began to wonder how one receives information such as the structure of a melody, or a poem, and how this event is distinguishably different from thinking (which involves a certain level of invention, reflection and analysis) and that to correctly articulate this kind of listening which piqued my interest, would be to say that one is in fact, receiving."

For my presentation I will take you through my project 'Angel / Composition no. 2' , it's basic theoretical structure, the videos, as well as introduce a newer development within the project which is a collaboration with an Indian musician/writer, S.Anand, called 'Bard x Time is a Flat Circle', that engages forms and sentiments within Indian classical music pertaining to matters of Time, existence and spirit, as well as the relationship of the individual with what I understand to be a cosmic neural network that holds together a multiplicity of temporalities and metaphysical 'zones' within its fabric.There will be a presentation of three videos in total, along with their diagrams and their origin stories (let's say) an explanation of the ideas and concepts that I'm working with and thinking through, presented to you within a pre-recoded video.In the presentation I will lightly touch upon the ideas that have influenced the structure of my previous projects as well, since they're interlinked and talk about a parallel epistemology or system of thought that influences how I perceive Sound, Time and Spirit.

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