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Soroush Seyyedi

Strategies in the Cosmotemporal Warfare: The Zurvanite War Machine and the Apocalypse

In this text I have tried to read contemporary Iranian thought, especially Corbin and Fardid, by relying on the concept of "repetition". Corbin and Fardid present a unique view of history by going back to Islamic thought, mainly Suhrawardi, to map a holy history that brings back the Cosmotemporal Warfare between Ahura and Ahriman as the main axis of this history, where the concept of returning to the isalmic-iranian self in 20th century is formulated on the basis of Suhrawardi's holy history of man, returning from the West to the East. This framework will serve as the basis of their concepts of politics. I propose that we can find in Zurvanism an alternative or, in Deleuzoguattarian sense, a war machine, to move against this luminous, Zoroastrian state apparatus.

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