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Shaun Ferguson

Queen Free Exchange and Other Foreign Objects

To be sure former queens regulated space each in their own way but there are many hereditary traits passed down. If the queens themselves aren’t so easily identifiable, their regimes can be traced by some technique that discovers to us her robes.

Remember this: There are too few people here, reduced as we are like those in Orozco's fresco, 'Table of Universal Brotherhood' (1930-31).

What is it about our participation in states that makes them oppressive? What Can Victor Klemperer's work do to help us see the foreign object in ourselves? The queenly state is in everyday speech. We need Novalises and Groethendiecks to be sure, but our state rolls over them with ease.

Our insertion in states is a category of object about which we seem to know so little. I am asking about a special case of the discreet-continuous, part-whole relation: that of objects and the states from which they emit.

I’m asking about the spectrum of relations between caves and objects outside of them. We all need caves of some kind. We are cave dwellers. What happens to the objects inside a cave when you pull the break?

You need someone to talk to about these objects, that’s how a vortex begins. Sheltering spaces outside the cave, little caves. In ‘The world turned upside down’ (Christopher Hill) sheltering spaces were destroyed or reduced by violence and force by the queen. and just look at how the Quakers as compared to the Renters began censuring swearing. We police ourselves like Calvin’s Geneva. American Catholic pedophilia a case of foreign object that rings out the limits of using language as a means for guessing about ourselves—swallowed up in the everyday....Read more at

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