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A Lagos Sound Archive

Timilehin Oludare

My name is Timilehin Oludare, I’m an experimental surrealist Artist from Lagos Nigeria.
My practice spans across different mediums such as ; drawing/ painting, scent , sound and so on. I applied for the Foreign Objekt research residency to better understand the use of sound as an art form, so far I’ve gather and learnt so much which has allowed me to created a sound project titled “A Lagos Sound Archive”, the making of this project had started as early as august 2022 which started with me recording sounds around me I find interesting, at the time I had no plans for the recorded sounds, while attending the online workshop provided by Foreign Objekt research residency I decided to look into the recorded sounds and Create sometime with them.

A Lagos sound archive is a series of sounds merged together to embody each elements of the cultural Environment of Lagos , this sounds are recorded then merged to embody each elements such as; Transportation, Religion, Education, language, Food and so on , as it is still an ongoing project I was able to create a sound that embodies transportation in Lagos, Nigeria which as included as a part of the sound laboratory publication exhibition . As I move forward I’ll create the other series of sounds that will embody each elements of the cultural Environment of Lagos

To Archive. To experiment with the idea and way of archiving, in Nigeria as a whole Archiving has been a huge topic as we have a very poor Archive management system which as caused the lose of years worths of documents and records, as a person from the younger generation I believe it is a duty to improve our Archiving system, I merged this responsibility with my artistic practice to create an experimental and surreal way to be apart of the solution to the archiving crisis in Nigeria

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