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Akshat Khare

The Ouroboros and the Mongoose: The Dead Ends of Theory and Theory-Fiction

This presentation examines the effects of the reterritorialization of Deluzo-Guattarian thought by the Accelerationists, Posthumanists and Postcolonial theory. An attempt is made to extricate the revolutionary core of D&G from their reactionary appropriation by the aforementioned. I argue that the influence of Deleuze and Guattari’s absent conception of the conjunction of capital and labour flows in Anti-Oedipus and their deconstruction of coherent and self-identical subjectivity through their work in A Thousand Plateaus on the ‘Deluzo-Guattarians’ has led into a superfluity of passive and neo-reactionary positions that claim to be revolutionary but are almost identical with each other in terms of Praxis.

A special emphasis is then given on the specific process by which theory-fiction is generated and disseminated and how that does the discourse more harm than good. The Accelerationist turn rightwards and towards techno-fatalism and that results in a neoreactionary macropolitical embrace of the capitalist axiomatic and the Decelerationist/Posthumanist advocacy for a minoritarianism inside institutions as a micropolitical form of resistance (in its ‘Exhaustion’ and ‘Ontological Pacifism’) are equally challenged and so are their theory-fiction productions.

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