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Joseph Obel

Selfolution in Bodies and Rivers as a Result of Defiance and Resilience

The ability of my body to instinctively and intuitively develop resilience and defiance as a way of coping with internal and external politics, otherness, and awkwardness is what I call "selfolution," evolving oneself over and over to the point where a skin of resilience is built to cushion the body from these absurdities, while antifragility is obtained within the body. The closest creation of nature that shares the selfolution trait is a river that flows downstream, across your major road or your neighborhood, and it moves regardless of whether we humans would rather divert or block or drain all waters from this river in order to build a mansion or a road to a palace.

The body and the river face violence in various forms and scales, but in a way, they keep rising and flowing.

What sounds, rhythms, shapes, colors, routes, moves, speeds, do the body and the river carry along in this selfolution journey? They are diverse, beautiful, scary, repetitive, peculiar, sensational, fleeting, and yet, neither humans nor nature does quite seem to comprehend the destination.

Body As Land, by Flavio Bertorello
Invisible, by Kevin Mwachiro

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