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Panel Presentations

Claire Cical / Quassine


Timilehin Oludare

A Lagos Sound Archive

Tam Hare

Tinnitus Channelled

Aaron Juarez

Disrupting Disruption

Simin Azarpour

The Collective Voice at the Common Level

Daria Kozlova and Arwina Afsharnejad

Machine Mourning: Beyond The Void Of Extractive Listening

Celeste Viv Ly

Art and Sound in Dialogue with Posthuman Becoming and Fictioning

Julio Lugon

Dear Myxomycete

Joseph Dimos

From Classical to Shoegaze: An Exploration of Movement and Rhythmic Expression in the Geometry of Music

Carl Olsson

Absolute Freedom

Soroush Seyyedi

Strategies in the Cosmotemporal Warfare: The Zurvanite War Machine and the Apocalypse

Henrietta Scholtz

Ancient Waymaker: An Oral Ruttier

Deleuze Recombination

Disintegration and Fragmentation of Narratives

Moises Ramirez

Flaneur-Workers: Cognitive Mechanics and Spatial (Non)Resemblances

Joseph Obel

Selfolution in Bodies and Rivers as a Result of Defiance and Resilience

Goutam Manna

Morphological Freedom; Posthumanist Mirage in Medical Humanities

Divya Singh

Sounds From the Attic

Shaun Ferguson

Queen Free Exchange and Other Foreign Objects

Thomas Mical

Posthuman Apparatuses with Alien Durations

Akshat Khare

The Ouroboros and the Mongoose: The Dead Ends of Theory and Theory-Fiction

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