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Human Abyss

You are now in a phase of no return. The expedition to your inner self has begun. Towards the human abyss.

You are in an "anthropoabyssal" void which traces a zonation of the structure of the psyche, the creatures and the substrates of the human unconscious. You are going to dive into a world that represents its own notion of space-time. It is a journey into the chasms. Tracing everything that man represses, his internal censorship mechanisms, his blocked and vanished conscience

On your descent you will encounter several species of creatures that represent repressed human characters.


Here is your dive guide; you will penetrate several aphotic zones passing from slips on the surface to the bottom where the substrates of complexes and all accumulations of frustrations pile up in the form of sediments.

By touching the deepest points of the abyss you will reach the black box, which represents a complex system responsible for the functioning of the internal mechanism of man.

human abyss guide.jpg

Human Abyss is a sampling of human depths with an imaginary taxonomy of species that each represent a substrate human trait where every zone holds traits unique to it; its composition, its atmosphere, its source of energy, and the creatures that live within it etc... As well as the analyses and the creation of fauna of each zone. Every creature has its own descriptive chart in the form of a monograph that includes a nomenclature.


The human abyss is divided into several layers. On the surface and for the first zone we are in the white zone or the unknown zone where we retrace the creatures that illustrate the slip and the complexes; describing man’s anticipations.

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If we dive deeper we move to the latent zone or the erogenous zone which represents a more repressed state of man. Like his perverse dreams, his morbidities, his eroticism, and then his bestiary side until he reaches his monstrosity.

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Going towards the bottom we reach the sedimentary zone where the substrates of complexes and all accumulations of frustrations pile up in the form of sediment. This is the zone of formation of layers or strata of human disorders under the effect of time.

This fossiliferous zone presents the psyche in its primitive state which gathers a collective imaginary.

conflit d'un essaim (02) (vibereo fisheri).jpg

Imaginary Taxonomy:

Imaginary taxonomy is a parameter for the creation of possible worlds.


This technique is used to name rather than to classify; to name for "to be"

This scientific attribution creates the ontology of this par-natural bestiary following a "metazoosystemism". The specimens are created following a classifier table including a nomenclature where you can find : the origin species, the zone where it lives, number of specimens…A schematic scientific like presentation explains how does the creature navigate and proliferate, what does it eat .. And all the information of the life cycle of this artificial animals.

Pulsum-Imaginary Taxonomy.jpg

« (…) in the numerous agitation, the darkness becomes almost complete.

The perception. Difficult. The voice. Imperceptible. The form. Indistinct.

Silence on the latent zone. Stifles the impulses. Suffocates the ire of the confined interiors.

The animal simulacrum agitates, in this closed space which encloses it and retains it. The skin.

Opaque correspondences.

The depths of the earth incorporated to the human interiors. Enigmatic. Discreet.

Answer each other. Sink.

Disappear. » 

  Text by Myriam Bouabid

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