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Cecilie Fang Jensen
Dahlia Bloomstone
Joseph Obel
Catriel Nievas
Asit Datar
Georgii Elaev
Timilehin Oludare
Chen Yiqing
Prashant Chavan

Daria Ivans

Daniel R Marks (DRM)

Kani Lent and Felix Ansmann
Kosmas Giannoutakis and Aaron Juarez
Edward McColgan
Kafe Vikas
Nathan Harper
Celeste Viv Ly
Sebastian Concha
Pedro Diaz
Aliaskar Abarkas
Elisa Melodia
Anastasiia Belousova and Frederik Franke
Lara Geary
Hamed Heidari
Frankie Zhang
Julio Lugon
Vitaly Yankovy
Arash Akbari
Jarek Lustych
Simin Azarpour
Henrietta Scholtz
Catie Rogers
Twee Whistler
Arwina Afsharnejad & Daria Kozlova

Lina Eunji Chang

Divya Singh



Curated by: Sepideh Majidi
Assistant to Curator Maure Coise

The first, sketchy prototype of the agent—the “O0”—is an observer with an organic vessel constrained by self-organization, limited by her cognitive conditions and local ground on the terrestrial sphere. These conceptual grounds provide a space for the observer to reflect upon, and generate subjective and objective forms of realities, which might be simulations of the environment in which the agent inhabits.


The central relation between the O0 and the world brings about the possible existence of other centers into the narrative; many other centers, infinite vessels, capsules, containers, islands and agents, pure, composed, and self-contained, forever separate and invisible to one another, piling up and streaming in the fog. The fog is carrying them in the universal flux. The fog—what Kant demonstrated as a source of sensory perceptual illusion--fills the space between locals, blocking one from the other. 

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