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2020, Single channel HD video, 00:05:30, Sound design: Donna Haringwey

2020, Single channel HD video, 00:05:30, Sound design: Donna Haringwey

SOUR DIRT attempts to render the poisonous, weedy and weird reality of digital world making by navigating the liminal spaces between unruly wilds, non-living growth and toxic clouds.  Developed within a time of multivalent crises - the most imminent of which catalysing a full-blown surrender to digital infrastructures.

This works attempts to map an experiential unconscious of our relationship to Land/Life/Nature and how we interact, manipulate and journey through it within physical and digital spaces.  Interrogating  the ways in which we consume, image, capture and experience ecologies and landscapes in the physical and virtual realm, using this as an analogy for complex stories of our mutating climate and our ceaseless extraction, manipulation, production and consumption.

Diane Edwards



My work draws from images of both real and imaginary places within the body and the landscape, as a way to speculate or explore the future of our environment, relationships between micro and macro worlds and the language, forms and networks that exist within our biosphere.

By referencing biological processes within nature and the human body, altering them and creating fictitious scenarios and relationships between them, I aim to question the boundaries of what is internal/external and what is natural /artificial within the environment and the grey area between what is science and what is science fiction.

Since 2004-2005, I have been particularly interested in the inner workings of biological ecosystems.

Ash Coates


VIDEO: Oiled Field

VIDEO: Co(g)Oiled


Drawing: Coalition 32, ink on paper

"Emergence" is a 3D animated work that manifests many of the ideas surrounding Gerard Carson's "Petronics" project.

Petronics is a blending of material temporalities, where the deep-time of lithic and organic processes mix with accelerated technological programming, whereby matter conjugates in coalitions of precarity and mutability. Objects are estranged from their exploitation as tools and resources; they are rendered into queer remixes that possess alien agencies which are perpetually turbulent. By materials that are neither settled nor fully known (concrete, silicone, bio-plastics, 3D printing), Petronics seeks to produce zones of enmeshment, wherein indeterminate vectors continually mutate and shift, producing emergent subjectivities oriented within a speculative expanse.

Gerard Carson

Colaborative concept board
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