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Gagan Singh

Gagan Singh is an artist based in New Delhi. His main preoccupation is in exploring ways of thinking through Drawing. He completed his Masters in Fine Arts from the Kent Institute of Art & Design in 2005 (Kent, UK), had his second solo exhibition at Chatterjee & Lal this September (Bombay, India), and is currently an artist in residence at Rote Fabrik (Zurich, Switzerland).

Imagined Worlds


I see myself in possibilities between what is material, how do we understand depth and distance, what does it mean to walk in the city, and how do notions of eroticism, humor, and comic book stories function. 


I’m also interested in the spaces in between which artworks occur, where you ride a thought, travel with it, soak it in, research it through the fields of cognition, language, thought and all of this leads to some form of action, or many such active steps.


My thoughts extended into the idea of depth in Line; from exploring through carving--making a line into an object such as piece of wood, to seeing lines in erotic comics and comics in general, to the shift of drawing in a sketchbook, to its projection on a surface. Also looking at line drawing works of artists considered as Outsiders, such as Art Brut artists. The past three months took me on a troubled journey which raised many questions: what is the scale of an object, how do I react to material, how do I react to sites in the city, and what is it that I am seeing, perceiving and the drawing.


I'm less interested in the act of drawing, but rather on its outcome; the transformation when it is mixed into other formats. As an example, the drawing printed on a cloth, the drawing within software, in virtual space, the work carved or printed out on a 3D printer. What is this transformation of the line into its relation to a given medium?


The Imaginary world from the drawing on paper finds new directions, new collisions with new materials. Through this comes the possibility for collaboration, and then the opportunity to see how that moves ahead. Maybe it leads to a reading on how gaming functions, how a character plays a Role, a character in the virtual world as an immersive experience, a work in which someone can walk inside of, to experience what sound, means for me.


I do see myself exploring the

form of video and paper.


Gagan Singh: “I Sometimes Envision When I am Drawing that I am Doing Stand Up Comedy”


The drawings of Gagandeep Singh may look spontaneous, but they are a condensed accumulation of his past encounters and relationships, as well as his contemplations and annotations on life. As one of the participating artists of Shanghai Biennale 2016, he used pencils, pens and markers to leave surreptitious notes on the walls of the Power Station of Art, as a response to his navigation of the alien city and the various artworks.

Gagandeep, from the Indian city of Delhi, is expanding his horizons by constantly asking both himself and the world new questions.

--CoBo Social, Chinese Abstraction Series

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