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Devotional to the Metaverse

Kara Güt

“A devotional is not meant to change your mind, it’s meant to change your heart.”

This video follows the experiences of two subjects, the Indeterminate Being, and the Demediator. The video makes a case for each subject’s point of view, for instance, the Indeterminate Being claims, “mediation was my first protector,” while someone speaking on behalf of the Demediator states, “look how his actions have an observable impact on his world…he is the ideal, he is perfect.” The video uses multiple text-to-speech voices that claim authority, when in truth, there are no certain answers or obvious conclusions. Both the Indeterminate Being and the Demediator exist as contradictions, as precarious figures. Both hold a definitive opinion of our current contemporary existence, but both cave to its whims, immediately compromising their worldviews in service of the metaverse.

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