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Posthuman Studies Lab

Buket Yenidogan

Nature Artwork

Buket Yenidogan, b.1995 is a Turkish research-based multimedia artist based in London. She has exhibited and performed internationally at The Crypt Gallery, Iklectik London and Sonar+d Istanbul and Dear2050: Oceans on the rise, Zurich as well as joining group shows in various venues in London. Her writing practice follows her research on posthumanism, with a published paper on ethico-onto-epistemological considerations of AI Art at the “AI Music Conference 2021” of Austria and an extended dissertation on posthuman art-making, focusing on the transformation of art-making following an elaborative retrospect from the eras of Humanism to Posthumanism. Following her Bachelors of Science degree in Istanbul Technical University, she currently is a Master of Arts candidate at the Royal College of Art in Information Experience Design programme.

Experience as Post-Dualistic World-ing

Buket is a research-based artist and a writer who crafts posthuman experiences. Her take on experiential art is a way to create transformation on a societal and individual level towards a posthuman mode of living which has left humanism's exceptionalism, dichotomies and the cuts between self and other as well as nature and culture behind. Her practice expands in various media such as interactive installations, creative workshops, moving image, improvised performances and speculative guided meditations, as well as her writings of academic papers on philosophical considerations of posthuman art-making and AI Art.

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