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Posthuman Studies Lab


Nature Artwork

Hallidonto is currently developing an immersive opera based on the work and the writings around themes of his own empirical connections to posthuman and transhumanist discourse.

Having contracted a brain injury which left me with deafness and severe tinnitus.

The opera treads the path from speculative visions to the lived-in experience of disability with a focus on the senses.

Sanctum Cyborgia

Posthumanism deconstructs sociological narratives such as the anthropocene, and the impact Humans have inflicted onto the earth and ultimately ourselves. From this notion I observed my own background coming from a working-class background in Scotland, part of the UK. UK society is still permeated by the Class system and in conjunction with race added into the mix which as you could imagine has its own complexities of existence with the UK's society.

From this premise, I saw the opera as a platform that was in need of change, new aesthetics, new narratives that reflect the world we are inhabiting. As an art form opera is pretty much inaccessible to 'working class' society' in all its guises of creed, colour and disability. I saw this as a call to arms, a punk statement in that of the posthumanist's deconstruction of the 'humanism (ist)' narratives of society.

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