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Using the term, I aim to conduct an ontological investigation of mechanisms that reduce the ontological status of individual beings through the lens of Object-Oriented Ontology and its Immaterialist approach in social theory in the Anthropocene and to explain the ways in which the issue of racism is, in fact, an ecological one.

“Which comes first, racism or anti-environmentalism? This question has to do with a deep philosophical issue: which subtends the other, racism or speciesism? Does racism exist because we discriminate between humans and every other lifeform? Or does speciesism exist because we hold racist beliefs about people who do not look exactly like us?”

Tim Morton, Humankind: Solidarity with non-human people

Uncanny valley:

This diagram is significantly useful for me to illustrate my point and how we can talk about these ontological issues. For the first premise is to prove the relation between abject and uncanny, I attempt to use the Uncanny Valley diagram in order to show how these two notions are tied together. Then, I can utilize this illustration to develop my ideas and explain how this diagram will be beneficial to further my discussion.

Harman’s fourfold structure presents a complex interrelation of Real Object, Real Qualities, Sensual Object, and Sensual Qualities employing Husserl, Heidegger, and Leibniz's theories and creating a solid foundation for OOO.

Applying this shift and considering all entities as objects transform the degraded Abject-Object into a Real Object. An object that “withdraws into the subterranean background.” Harman said.

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