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Daniel Cevallos Andrade

Daniel Cevallos Andrade, Architect, MSc in Architectural Communication

by Technical Superior School of Architecture of Madrid,

multidisciplinary artist, research, musician, and co-founder of

Temporary Atmospheres, interactive architecture, and digital art

studio based in NYC & UIO, His works have been presented in many

international exhibitions, conferences, awards, and academic journals

such as Queens-Museum 2018, Shenzhen Bi-City Biennale 2019,

ArsElectronica 2020, Lightbox Creative Code Festival, Contemporary

Venice 2021, Digital Art Month Paris, MMMAD Festival, MAB 2021

Amsterdam. Currently lead artist of Temporary Atmospheres, where most

of his works are focused on the intersection of new technologies with

human interaction, raising awareness of the danger and the potential

to the implementation thereof in the hyper-city. Since the field of

speculation he could find a gap to introduce artistically, artworks,

that reflect-critic the collaborative and participatory process in the

develop of the hyper-city, avoiding the tyranny and totalitarianism of

governments and industries which try to rule the dynamic and behavior

of contemporary societies.

Project Proposal:

Non-human, non post-human

32 years 3 months 6 days was the time that Daniel took to recognize

that he is a non-product of the postulates of the post-humanism, since

his birth Daniel has experienced variations in his tangible and

intangible scenarios; during, before, and after his surgeries, Daniel

has had to mitigate with the overwhelming wave of speed that progress

leads, nonetheless at the same time the surge of technology helps him

to survive in wild environments ruled by efficiency, throughout his

entire life Daniel hid its condition, pursuing the fact to fit and be

accepted by a society that rejects its own nature, unceasingly facing

all the complexity of our contemporary age being someone with visual


Transporting us with his gaze, Daniel portraits atmospheres that

depict variations that altern its quotidian life, thanks by the use of

technology, immersive experiences show captured moments and

limitations that helps him to be aware above current implications

provoked by the excessive use of technology, and the way that devices

re-shape our daily life. The boundaries that Daniel had to experiment

during his entire life have been modified constantly, habits, and

social dynamics have been ruled by artifacts that have allowed the

merge of tangible and intangible realities, which increases the

non-perception of nature and virtual worlds dramatically. Progress

steadily develops prostheses, artifacts, and devices that make our

life almost normal or more manageable, it depends on the needs of each

fellow, but at the same time artifacts, and devices that were invented

to maximize efficiency numb our minds, while devices are smarter,

humankind succumbs into the ignorance; Mental and visual diseases will

be more common due to the drastic use of technology, encouraging to

people become a persons with disabilities to merely justify the use of

prosthesis or devices that simplify their routines, nevertheless, we

have been cyborgs afterward the invention of antibiotics, the growing

current of anesthetized societies forces the invisible penetration of

otherness, justifying the excessive acceleration in the behavior of

their individuals, projecting in their imaginary the being superior or

different from the rest, often falling catastrophically into mental

disorders manifested by the sensation of a permanent burnout.

This work is committed to reflecting on a personal narrative, inviting

us to immerse ourselves in the tangible and intangible atmospheres,

which emerged in the permanent exploration of the natural and virtual


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