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Malvika Jha

Malvika Jha is a multimedia artist with a developing specialization in performance art. She enjoys going into the depths of the chosen subject and builds her work on extensive research-based knowledge. She likes experimenting with a variety of topics, from the mundane to the esoteric. She seeks to be as versatile and expanded in her work as is possible.


The literal meaning of Opera is work. I wanted to see a production in correlation to this aspect while using BioArt to develop sheet music for the singers inspired by the art movement Fluxus. I have resources at the Neemrana foundation, India who are essentially Operatic singers that are being trained in the craft. I wanted the project to be equally interactive with the singers as it develops. Since there is a collision of sheet music and art, subjectivity will play a giant role in the vocalisation. I have a background in performance art which makes my involvement in this process quite movement and physicality based while also playing a curatorial role in bringing this together.

“ORLANDO is an opera of a new kind, a performative installation combining conscious movement, video installation, architecture and live sound/music performance. Julie Beauvais choreographs conscious movements with Orlandos of today, embodying the post-binary new paradigm around the world. Deep Listening is here used as a means of revelation, enabling an expanded awareness, a clairvoyance.”

This particular project conducted a workshop at Goethe max Mueller in Bangalore, India; which I attended and got inspired to take up Opera as my area of study and artistic immersion for Sound Laboratory. Julie, in the workshop allowed presence within body to be explained as an embodiment of space. She has two masks, one masculine and feminine, made out of leather in Italy, sculpted to perfection; which she allowed everyone to try. Everyone’s bodies assumed a very different stance while wearing these. The multiple collaborations and resources can eventually help develop a certain synergy within these elements of movement, masks, opera and the sheet music.

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