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Multi-species body

Embodiment through multi-species emergent processes.

In this ongoing project, I aim to explore the possibilities of posthuman embodiment. The body is diachronically emerging through many different ecological and technological processes. I am researching the methods and techniques of food to create a posthuman cookbook - a generative artwork in the in-between space inhabited by posthumans - digital-analog, virtual-real, natural-cultural, eating/being-eaten.

Recent microbial probiotic turn in health and food fields, together with advanced technologization and datafication, forms the subjectivity of posthuman bodies. Both are emergent processes, communities, collectives, assemblages, and networks.

Data processing based on food processing

In the first part of this research, I focus on fermentation as a method of cooking-with microorganisms. I want to explore, sense, and scan the chemical transformation simultaneously with exploring, sensing, analyzing, and visualizing the data. Fermentation creates many different forms in combination with other ingredients - leavened dough, fermented milk, cheese, alcoholic beverages, coffee, or cocoa. When the fermented food is eaten, the microorganisms become part of the body. The microbiome mediates many human interactions with food - the microbiota community stimulates the imm

une system, affects senses - smell and taste, facilitates digestion and absorption, and influence mood.

I also want to explore synthetic biology, artificial life, cellular agriculture, biotechnology, and genetically modified organisms in the following parts of this residency.

structure by @lieblgraf

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