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Unhuman,the twist in the Magenta

what makes a living being considered human?

how can we think human and unhuman space and time,if these are ideological constructed concepts?

from a topological perspective, can we think this concepts as a continuum ?

what makes an human to be a human? is what is hide in the torsion (the twist) into the topological surface, from this point of view, then what is in the torsión is all that we need to suppress to be an human, but not only the monstrous, the trauma, the animal...but also the most intimate desires.

how the agency is building in this world, in advanced biotechnology posthuman world, where we can imagine a symbiotic posthuman body, a continuum between the human and the unhuman.

How the subjectivity is constructed in this world, the capacity to take desicions where the conscious and the unconscious are in the same face of the surface?

this Unhuman world its built in a complex topological space of different levels based on a möbious surface

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