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Yiqing Chen

Updated: May 22, 2023

Yiqing Chen is a London-based artist and digital storyteller. Yiqing’s work is concerned with discovering narratives related to wireless communication, technical culture, and globalization as well as rethinking the production and viewing of technical images through media archaeology.

Yiqing's latest research focuses on 'Gaming as the method of sound performance' by transforming spatial coordinates into chance sounds through movement in virtual space based on a Cartesian coordinate system. In practice, it attempts to disrupt the specific purpose of sound production through unpredictable manipulation.

His work spans multiple media from XR Game to moving images. He graduated with a bachelor's degree in Internet of Things Engineering(2018) and graduated with a master's degree at RCA Digital Direction(2021).


Occasion in the snowstorm Sonic Game

What can you see in the boundless white? Can you be sure of what you hear in the whirring noise? Experimental sonic game attempt to break down the barriers of analytical, linear information systems with diegetic simulated environments full of uncertainty and chance sound played by the player. And it employs gaming as a method of sound production, with virtual spatial vectors transformed into chance sounds. Walking without fatigue triggers continuous sound that never stops. The noise created by pseudo-the randomness of computer simulation and uncertainty of game operation traps the player on the occasion of a snowstorm. “Gaming as Method of Sound Performance” The project is an experimental sound practice that aims to break through the predictive of sound and analytical information systems. While we are getting used to an analytical, linear way of receiving information, a reading of images, sounds, and texts. Can we dismantle the purpose of analysis through perception? Perceiving the present through the senses in our own right. In our participatory practice, we are giving back the authority of sound production to the audience. Gamepad is an instrument to translate movement in a simulator game into chance music. Predictable sounds are pierced by vectors of movement, resonating with your brain waves between flicker and sound.

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