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Giusy Amoroso

Giusy Amoroso, also known as Marigoldff, is an Italian Digital Artist and Creative Technologist based in Berlin, Germany. With a diverse educational background in Product and Public Design and a Master's in Computer Graphics, she is a multi-disciplinary artist.

Her research explores organic shapes and alternative representations of reality, drawing inspiration from nature's structures. Giusy seamlessly merges the essence of nature with the potential of science and technology. She brings her imaginative concepts and fantastical characters to life utilising a range of techniques, including VR, XR, 3D sculpting, Animation, and 3D Painting, She also delves into the dynamic relationship between humans and technology, seeking alternative representations of human anatomy and exploring transformative possibilities for enhancing the human experience.

Giusy's ultimate goal is to challenge perception, inspiring viewers to see the beauty and wonder beneath the surface of the world.

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Artist Statement:

Giusy Amoroso is an award-winning Italian digital artist based in Berlin with a Bachelor's degree in Product and Public Design and a Master's degree in Computer Graphics, with a focus on CGI and VFX for film post-production.

Giusy's fascination with the world of digital art and technology began early in life, inspired by her love for video games. As a teenager, she was in love with the intricate and immersive virtual worlds that gaming provided, and she found herself fascinated by the idea of creating her own fantastical worlds. This passion for digital creation only grew as she pursued her education, where she first encountered 3D software during her studies in product and public design, where she used it to design products and installations.

However, she was drawn to the creative freedom that these tools offered, allowing her to bring anything in her imagination to life. Giusy soon realised that, with these powerful digital tools, she could create anything she wanted, regardless of whether it existed in real life.

As she delved deeper into the world of digital art, Giusy's focus shifted to exploring organic shapes and alternative representations of reality, drawing inspiration from the structure and form of nature. She seeks out alternative or hybrid shapes that take the form of alien biomechanical expressions of the naturalistic scenario. Her work often presents viewers with surreal, otherworldly landscapes inhabited by fantastical creatures.

Beyond her exploration of the natural world, Giusy is also intrigued by the relationship between humans and technology. She is constantly researching alternative representations of human anatomy and how technology can change and enhance the human experience.

To materialise her artistic vision, Giusy harnesses the power of a diverse range of software and techniques. She utilises ZBrush for digital sculpting and Houdini FX for animations and VFX, along with Cinema 4D, Maya, and Substance Painter for 3D painting and texturing, Unreal Engine for real-time development, VR technology.

Giusy's approach to creating her art pieces is neither formulaic nor rigid. Rather, she approaches each project with a fresh perspective, fully immersing herself in the subject matter to discover and unlock new ways of visualising it. She does not rely on a set creative process, recognizing that every project is unique, and therefore, the approach to creating it must also be tailored to its specific needs.

To begin, Giusy conducts extensive research, diving deep into relevant literature, and immersing herself in documentaries and other media forms. This research serves as the foundation for her creative process, providing her with valuable insights and inspiration to explore novel ways of representing her subject matter.

With a solid understanding of the project's background and context, Giusy allows her intuition to take over, trusting her artistic instincts to guide her in the right direction. This approach to creativity allows her to break free from the constraints of conventional thinking,

enabling her to experiment with new techniques and push the boundaries of what is possible.

Giusy's ultimate goal as an artist is to make people question their perception of reality. Through her work, she challenges our understanding of what is real and what is not, delving into the blurred line between the real and virtual world. She aims to inspire people to look at the world around them with fresh eyes, to see the beauty and wonder that lies just beneath the surface.

The sources of her inspiration are diverse, drawing from the works of renowned figures such as Ernst Haeckel, whose imaginative depictions of alien plant and animal life greatly influence her creative process. Additionally, Terence McKenna, who posited that the world we see is but a mere fragment of what truly exists, has had a profound impact on her worldview and creative vision. Additionally, she is inspired by the dark and surreal art of H.R. Giger, whose iconic designs have left a strong impact on the world of sci-fi and fantasy.

Giusy is proud to have delivered a TEDx speech where she was invited to talk about her work and creative freedom. Additionally, she founded her own CGI and VFX studio, IOR50, as well as the PolyPixos project - a web3-native project that features elements of digital art, character design, immersive experiences, and world-building. The PolyPixos project holds a special place in Giusy’s heart as it embodies important themes such as consciousness, alternative realities, and multidimensional systems, which she believes are crucial for us to understand as humans. With technology serving as the medium to connect the real and virtual worlds, the PolyPixos project presents a vision of the future of digital art that Giusy finds truly exciting.

Thank you for taking the time to get to know me and my work.

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