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Henrietta Scholtz

Henrietta Scholtz is an artist with a BA in English and Theory of Literature and a postgraduate degree in Creative Brand Communications as well as training in Theater Making and Voice. She has participated in various exhibitions and art fairs and been a finalist in several art competitions. She directed a staged reading of her play, RUIN, and co-curated an exhibition entitled a short philosophy on medium. In her practice she uses mark making, sound, voice, performance and the visual both online and offline and with the intersection of these practices, she seeks to examine the spaces between embodiment and materiality.



The pneuma ("breath") between the posthuman mind and the material; now and divined. The search for meaning beyond physical limitation has always existed throughout civilizations - The body takes up space, place and geography in our communities, families and identity and these structures, ideologies and constructs move our bodies. What does this mean when the body is no longer the same? How does the body relate to the material world around it? With this project I aim to examine the liminal spaces/worlds between the essential and the material, logical and physical, the computational and the visual, featuring the distorted abstracted body, housing and transporting ideas possibly through water, sediment or waves of a neuro(nal)-ocean of networks. I intend to use a blend of traditional and digital tools such as hybrid traditional GANS visuals, natural and unnatural sound/scapes and written texts conversing with ai/predictive text.

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