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Shaun Ferguson

Shaun Ferguson received a doctoral degree in Economics at the New School for Social Research in 2004. Shaun taught briefly at Birzeit University in the West Bank, and he served as economic advisor to the Palestinian Minister of Planning. He has lived in Beirut, Amman, Ramallah, and Geneva. With twenty years as a development economist observing the historical development of global trade relations under contemporary capitalism, his current interests are to serve as a trans-economist building bridges between philosophy and economics in a Marxist/Hegelian approach to communist striving for post-capitalist forms of intelligence.


Vanishing State

What direction to the object of my attention

We need to be able to create vortices

Which means we have to be separate elements, capable each of freely entering into a symphonic relation with the state-to-come

Giving an account of the object of my attention and the direction by which I approach it

To enter a vortex without this

Is to enter a death spiral

To talk about where your langauge came from

Your whole intention is a dog bark

It must be diagnosed

It’s all about scale: Billions of particles being dispersed in different directions, may from the center be opposed by a distant perspective which sees merely an undiverging mass moving all in tandem

You are an object whose desires go beyond you, desires which emit from somewhere unknown before you

To understand this is the beginning of communism

To transfer your desire to an object. To allow the object to determine your desire

En masse this offers a vortex whose elements are expanding in every direction, the direction of their desire which is now freed from predetermination however much it may always remain anchored by contingency

If you don’t want to play, then go ahead all of you

I don’t want to be all of you

I want to be in the dynamic exploding vortices of desire

Where communism is not kept at bay

Is communism just a name for something euphoric

No, it is the scientific study of the dispersion and attraction of objects

If Robert Frost allowed his apple tree to produce uncollected fruit from time to time, by my lights, the contrary notion, of only an occasional gathering and ordering of fruit— this has its merits. Let us think on them: Arguably the figures that can be drawn are not less versatile or rich

Embarrassed of form

Because it takes us back to the bump which set us falling so evenly

A detour is required

You must be charmed out of your chateau

Think of the golden ass

You must be completely removed from your surroundings by the object

They who don’t have me have everything

And I am going to join those who don’t

Transferring your desire to the object will cost you everything

The object itself can dispel your suspicion of my intentionality, your fixed view of my fluidity

Is there a concept ahead, I don’t know

But the one behind us is only there to by surgically considered

This is an interesting door to look at the objects which collided, giving birth to our unknowable universe, birth to our desire

These collisions are local and can be observed— and we all derive from a meteoric event that took place in discrete moments of the not-so-distant past. Not so inaccessible as we think. But just as inaccessible as Marx tells us

Everything that came before the meteor was, however much the same, somehow very different. To diagnose ourselves we need only go back that little way

However much, we think we derive from past lineages, it is u true for we are the same contemporary animal

Anybody can see traces in the deep past which makes for a confidence that our mercurial nature is not

But we are beasts of the moment

Without getting out of, by first getting around, we need to know how much we are a single mouse with a long tail

And it gets vulgar every time. Unless we are not a ‘we’ but an it

Now let us go into the vortex where desire directs us toward a vanishing state, but a state nonetheless.

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