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Veronica Petukhov

Veronica Petukhov, a.k.a vnc.ptk, is an Italo-Ukrainian digital artist and VJ based in Scotland. While studying Contemporary Art Practice at Gray’s School of Art, she developed a passion for sound art and electronic music that moved into the discovery of the art of VJing, creative coding, and 3D. She was able to develop her playful surrealism into immersive digital audiovisual experiences. Embracing complete digitality, Veronica learned to use a variety of programs to create a complex, layered outcome. Her use of both 3D and real footage creates an otherwordly reality that captivates the viewers and transports them. Veronica is involved in numerous art projects and events, such as the audio-visual duo muto major - with whom she has performed at Glasgow's Tramway for Sonica Festival. She is also part of the PowerPot collective, showcasing queer artists and working to tackle gender inequality in the electronic music scene. Veronica is also involved with the radio and event organizer Pentane Cast based in Kyiv.

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Artist Statement:

I am researching in-depth the issues of filters, selfies, and social media curation on people’s psychology and self-esteem. I’m looking into selfie dysmorphia or also known as Snapchat dysmorphia, a psychological condition that causes an individual to prefer the “filtered” version of themselves. For this video piece, I look into the possible future of an ever-online existence and how our bodies and minds will mutate and exist, becoming an out-of-body brain creature that is connected to the "hive mind" or the torus in the video. I like to integrate aspects of club culture and underground electronic music which have become a huge part both of my life and my art practice. I want to merge the two together, creating a 360º experience for the viewer with the use of vibrant videos and visuals, sound art, and electronic music composition.

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